Study Hacks for Auditory Learners

Are you an auditory learner? Meaning: is your ability to understand and retain things better when the information is presented through sound or speech? If so, make it work to your advantage. Make your PTE review in Baguio cater to your learning style. Integrate the following strategies into your training efforts to enhance your PTE preparations and ace the high-stakes test!

PTE review Baguio

• Limit auditory distractions.

As an auditory learner, you are more receptive to sound-based or sound-delivered information. It also means that you’re more susceptible to auditory distractions. Make sure this won’t get in the way of your studies. If you’re taking your PTE review outside your home, pick spots that are quiet and private. If you’re studying at home, on the other hand, get rid of as many sound-based distractions as you can before hitting the books.

• Be an active student.

If you’ve secured PTE review packages and are attending classes, this is imperative. Participate in your training sessions. Ask/answer questions, share your relevant opinions, and clarify lesson points. It doesn’t matter if your instructor confirms or amends your clarification. His/her verbal response will help reinforce the lecture involved in your long-term memory.

• Study with someone.

Find a study partner in your PTE class or join a study group. The verbal discourse involved in reviewing with someone (e.g., quizzing each other about PTE, helping each other enhance their linguistic skills, etc.) will help you understand and remember information better.

• Read your PTE materials out loud when you review them.

Yes, this works! Especially if you’re an auditory learner. Enunciate each word like you’re reading to someone to improve your pacing and pronunciation. Repeat and paraphrase difficult lesson points for better retention.

• Watch English videos.

Let your PTE objective dictate what you will watch. For example, if you want to expand your academic vocabulary, find videos of English lectures. If you want to improve your ability to understand people with heavy accents, watch films with characters that have strong accents. Determine your communicative weaknesses to identify your goal for watching.

Keep in mind that tailoring your test preparations to your learning style does not guarantee exam success. It only enhances your review experience. So, don’t get too confident with your chances of achieving your PTE grade goals.

Maximize what’s left of your study period. Prepare with a top training facility, like the JRooz center for PTE review in Baguio, to score high in the exam.


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