Top Tips for Highlight Incorrect Words in PTE Listening

Highlight Incorrect Words is the seventh task type of the PTE listening exam. Here’s how it works.

  • An audio recording plays ten seconds after you enter the page.
  • Under the recording is its transcription. You must determine the parts of the transcript that differ from the recording.
  • Highlight the words that are different from the audio material by left-clicking them.

Make sure you’re prepared for this task type. Complement your PTE online course with the following tips to enhance your performance in the Highlight Incorrect Words sections.

PTE online course

1. Skim the transcription before the recording plays.

There’s a ten-second intermission before the audio material runs. Use it wisely.

Skim the transcription. Take note of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that’ll give you an idea of what the recording is all about. Work out the topic based on what you’ve read. Getting the gist of the transcription with just ten seconds of quick-reading is not the easiest trick to pull off. So, hone your skimming skills during your PTE online training session.

2. Follow the text with your mouse cursor as you listen.

In the Highlight Incorrect Words section, you need to identify the wrong words as the audio recording plays. Focus on the transcription. Hover your mouse cursor over the text as its words are spoken to avoid missing anything. Click on the words that differ from the recording immediately. If you’re enrolled in a PTE online course, you’ll get to answer accurate and up-to-date practice exams of this task type. Use this tip every time.

3. Don’t bother taking down notes.

Jotting down the words that differ from the recording instead of marking them out immediately increases the risk of mistakes. Here’s how.

  • The time you spent writing may cause you to lose track of the audio. Remember, you can only listen to the recording once. So, if you miss anything, you’d have no way of checking.
  • What if the word that differs from the material is mentioned a couple of times in the text? There’s a chance that you’d select the wrong one.

Taking down notes during the Highlight Incorrect Words task type is a waste of time. Why spend time writing the words that you need to mark later when you can mark them as soon as you hear them spoken?

4. Don’t click random words.

Not sure if a word is correct or incorrect? Think twice before you click. The Highlight Incorrect Words task type implements a negative marking, which means you can lose points if you select and de-select words repeatedly. Enroll in a PTE online training course to find out which other sections of the exam implement this scoring standard.

Don’t limit your test preparations to your PTE online review classes. Conduct your own study sessions. Develop strategies for each of the exam’s task types to boost your chances of success!

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